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Behind the wheel

Josef Robleto is passionate about helping his students learn how to drive, his mission is making sure his students feel comfortable behind the wheel and come out feeling more confident after each lesson. Check out some of his reviews from previous students on google or thumbtack or under our review tab.

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Patty provides education courses to help students pass their knowledge test. Patty also specializes with helping students who may have trouble studying and has succeeded with helping students pass when they have failed in the past.

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Behind the wheel

Is a behind the wheel instructor who has 20 years of experience in the driving education arena, she is patient, kind, and will be your cheerleader to help you achieve your driving goals.

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Stephen Ritz

Behind the wheel

Stephen really enjoys working with brand new drivers and helping them learn about the different functions on a vehicle. Seeing progress happen is real time is the most rewarding thing about being a driving instructor. My favorite thing about teaching students is helping them overcome challenges and seeing their confidence grow. In his free time He enjoys cooking and creating new recipes, playing board games or seeing movies with family and friends, and watching sporting events.

scott instructor photo

Scott Agron

Behind the wheel

Scott enjoys helping his students attain the knowledge needed for them to become safe drivers in order for them to acquire their drivers license. He uses his many years of driving experience to make sure his students understand that safe driving requires more than just knowing the rules and regulations. He uses real-world situations to teach students the skills needed to become safe and confident drivers. When Scott is not teaching his students, he enjoys spending time at the coast.

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Jesus Exiquio

Behind the wheel

Jesus is a graduation coach at Liberty High School. He loves helping students gain confidence by building great driving habits. He has assisted many students reach their academic goals. Some of his passions include basketball, being outdoors, cooking, and hanging out with his family.


Sandra Ndonfeu

Overall it was an amazing experience, all the instructors were friendly and offered wonderful and helpful feedback. Thanks to their lessons I was able to pass my driving test without a problem.

Martha Strawn Morris

This company has been amazing to work with! Josef is extremely easy to communicate with, and was flexible when we needed it. Trini was my son's instructor and she was awesome. My kid passed his driver's test yesterday and I'm signing up my other kid today!

Dl Ram

Highly recommend OEDS, and Jesus as an instructor. My daughter expressed Jesus was patient, and stayed calm whenever she made mistakes on her practice drives. He emphasized all the areas she needed to work on to pass her test, and most importantly, to be a safe driver. She was relieved and excited when she passed her test, and was grateful for the lessons she got at OEDS.


Wonderful experience. The instructors were very helpful kind. They didn’t push to take more lessons, they are very thoughtful and encouraging. My daughter took 5 hours with them and was able to pass her test with flying colors. Highly recommend this business for anyone looking for driving instruction.


When my husband was first teaching me to drive, I was afraid to drive and thought driving was no fun. But after Trini taught me how to drive at Oregon Elite Driving School, driving became fun. She is also very good at teaching and She helped me pass the driving test. Josef was also very quick to reply and I highly recommend this OEDS school.

Agrima Mehta

I was appointed Scott and Josef as my instructors and they were both very professional. I would highly recommend Scott he is very easy to work with and patiently handles any students questions.

Rebecca Martinez

Fantastic driving school! My daughter had drives with Stephen, Scott & Josef. All of them were very calm and informative. She was able to get a lot of experience on all aspects of driving from residential to freeway. I would absolutely recommend!

Vincent M.

Driving Lessons

Jan 7, 2020

Sindhu C.

Wonderful learning experience

May 17, 2021

Sakthivel S.

Perfect guy for learning car

May 24, 2021

Alice F.

Easy to work with

Mar 17, 2021

Brandon L.

Was very welcoming and a great person to have next to you when trying to learn. Good company and nice to have as an instructor.

May 23, 2021

Ian J.

Great instructor ,very punctual and professional .Thanks.

May 27, 2021

Gabriel S.

Worked with Patty to pass the written test! She was amazing!

Jun 11, 2021

Anish K.

Had a wonderful experience with Joe, really made me feel comfortable and helped me quickly learn to become a professional driver in no time. I was able to pass my driving test with ease , i would definitely recommend him to anyone new to driving.

Feb 13, 2020

Risha A.

Joey was recommended to me from a friend of mine. I completed my driving course with him. He taught me at a pace I was comfortable with & made sure I was ready for the driving exam. He was very friendly & was patient when correcting my mistakes.

May 17, 2021

Mercy P.

Josef is an excellent teacher.I had started driving after nearly a gap of 2yrs in Oregon and initially it was kind of tedious,however Josef helped me in building up that confidence via his classes.He's very professional towards his work and spot on punctual! He's patient and dedicated towards his students progress and sharp at remembering the areas of improvements.I really thank him for giving me a class just before my drive test, irrespective of his busy schedule.This surely made me pass my test! And yes,he surely has the calibre to go a long way.Thankyou!

May 17, 2021

Sashwat R.

Joey has been amazing in his instructions and extremely patient. His calm and collective style makes driving a lot easier to grasp and I would HIGHLY recommend him and this school for learning how to drive and pass the driving exam!

Jun 3, 2021

Suraj K.

Josef is an excellent instructor. He was very professional, and his feedback was constructive. I really liked his approach of giving constructive feedback and practicing to correct the mistakes. I would highly recommend him.

Jul 5, 2021

Kaitlynn K.

Look no further! Joe is a wonderful teacher. I am an adult driver that needed help overcoming my driving related anxiety, and Joe has successfully helped me to do just that. Under his guidance and expertise, we are making incredible progress in a very short period of time. Giving someone the gift of defensive driving skills and new found comfort behind the wheel is something hard to put a value on, because it is ultimately life changing. Being able to drive yourself around, to move about independently, opens up many doors and allows you to reclaim your time-- which is your most precious commodity! Joe's rate's are extremely reasonable and fair, and you will feel comfortable in his car and under his instruction. He has a calming demeanor and will help you develop the instincts you need to be a safe driver in the city. His approach is practical and down to earth. I would recommend Oregon Elite Driving school for all ages and abilities: young/new drivers, as well as new adult drivers, or

Dec 17, 2020

Lori C.

Josef was very helpful in putting my son at ease after years of migraine headaches he was finally able to learn how to drive and passed his driving test on his first try. It was a difficult time to find a driving teacher - happy we found Josef!

Mar 4, 2021

Neha K.

Josef is an extremely professional driving instructor. Not only was he flexible with my schedule, but he was prompt, patient and easy going. His expertise and teaching skills gave me such confidence behind the wheel. I cant recommend him enough!

Mar 21, 2021

Spencer b.

Joe was great working with my daughter. He was the reason she passed her driving test! His prices are great and he really improved my daughters driving ability. He really know his stuff and was easy to work with. I highly recommend Joe.

Apr 12, 2021

Sabrina A

Josef is an amazing driving instructor. He is patient, kind, and quickly makes you feel at ease behind the wheel, even someone like me who was completely clueless and had been quite fearful of driving all my life. He is very encouraging, knowledgeable, and gives easy to follow instructions when teaching his students important driving skills. With his help, I was able to pass my road test for my driver’s license on my very first try. I couldn’t be happier to have met him and to have been a student of his. Thanks again, Josef!

Apr 12, 2021

Rahul R.

I took driving lessons from Josef and passed the test in the first attempt itself. Josef was very attendive to all my queries and gave me valuable inputs not only to pass the driving test, but to improve my overall driving skills. I defenitly recommend Josef to anyone (with any level of driving experience).

May 17, 2021

Sebin K.

I made a great decision considering taking my driving classes with Josef. He was very responsive when I called him and i was able to immediately schedule classes with him. I opted to do 10 classes because I have never driven before. After my first class , Josef gave me the confidence behind the wheel. There was also a pick up/ drop off option from my home which checked my convenience. He was very patient, flexible and helpful and gives us instructions so that we can improve. He guides us in a way to drive safe even after passing our tests and when we are on our own on the road. I highly recommend Josef for any new learners out there. I scheduled my test after 8 classes and I passed it on my first try!! That’s how much he built my confidence.Overall highly recommend this school.

May 27, 2021

Lola S

This is top of the line driving instruction. They are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and patient! I couldn't be happier, and am fully confident with their help, I will pass my driving test. I'll post the results next week. UPDATE: I PASSED DMV DRIVING TEST WITH A 100% SCORE !! You've got to drive with Josef, he's an expert. It was fun, I became a confident, safe driver, with a couple hours of training. And NOW I'M A LISCENCED DRIVER !!! I highly recommend OEDS.

Jun 3, 2021

Lola S.

UPDATE: I SCORED 100% ON DRIVER'S TEST !!! I am now a licensed driver, thanks to OEDS. Josef, not only, instructs you on safe, smart, driving skills, but also stresses the exact areas you need to practice, in preparing for the DMV driver's test. The driving sessions are personalized and to the point, you receive expert instruction, while gaining experience on the road. This training was crucial in passing the DMV test. I highly recommend calling them.

Jun 3, 2021

Yu X.

The best school and best teacher in Portland! I have never driven before, passed my driving test after 10 hours course with teacher Josef. He is very patient, very professional! I was so scared of driving and he totally changed my experience of driving. I still can’t believe I passed my test after 10 hours practice with him! I highly recommend this school and teacher Josef!

Jun 14, 2021

Remya K.

From scheduling classes, to getting comfortable with learning to drive to conducting practice tests, I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience with Josef! He patiently explained different techniques and skills and kept a positive and calm tone that definitely helps any new driver! I never imagined that a 10 hour class would get me so confident to attempt to take the test - but I did it and passed and it’s all thanks to Josef! I highly recommend this school and Josef to anybody wanting to master the wheel!

Jul 27, 2021

Khadeejah m.

I was just days away from my driving test and I had close to no experience in driving. Joseph not only responded immediately to my messages, but fit me into his busy schedule just so I could get more time to practice before my test. He was always very calm and collected while I drove and was just a text message away if I had any questions. Highly recommend him!

Aug 30, 2021

Felix L.

Josef was a really patient and knowledgeable instructor. He prepared me well for the driving test by practicing on known test routes and him providing all sorts of tips along the way. I felt safe at all times behind the wheel because of his presence. On test day, I knew exactly what mistakes I tended to make and I watched out for those to ace the test. Thanks again Josef!

Aug 31, 2021

Jatin C.

Great driving lessons that prepare you for the driving test and skills you need to drive confidently

Aug 15, 2021

Inger-Lise M.

Highly recommend! Josef is an exceptional driving coach, helping you to solidify your skills so you go from a nervous or apprehensive driver to a confident driver in a quick timeframe. Great value and top notch instruction!

Aug 22, 2021

Kedida w.

Joseph taught me basic driving skills for a couple of hours and he taught me the skills to become a safe driver. His lessons were very informative, well-structured and he was very attentive. He paid attention to every mistake I made, and did some practice test before the exam. I really appreciated his encouragement. I would like to say thank you to Joseph. I passed my driving test the first time!! I recommend him, to everyone who would like to learn drive in a systematic and quality way and wish to pass the test and drive safe. Best regards , Kedida

Dec 15, 2020

RameshKumar S

I had my driving lesson learning with Mr.joseph from Oregon Elite driving school. The way he taught me driving was so good and professional. The fee also very economic comparing with others.i am very satisfied overall.

Feb 9, 2021

Susan C.

Josef gave my daughter some defensive driving lessons before her DMV driving test. It helped her get the confidence needed, she passed with a 94! Great value, he’s a professional and I highly recommend Elite Driving School for your driving lesson needs

Apr 12, 2021

Raviraj T.

Josef is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn driving or to brush up existing skills. He is quite professional in his approach and very good to teach the importance of attention to details on the road. His lessons were pivotal for me to pass the drive test as well as to become a confident driver. Very highly recommended!!!!

Apr 24, 2021

Zawadi D.

I took driving lessons with Josef intending to gain more practice and confidence for a driving test I left reaching this goal. He is direct, patient, and a calm driving instructor. He is detailed with his directions and in his approach to teaching. He was also willing to guide me in setting good driving habits for safety. Something that I appreciated about him was his approach to giving feedback and critics. He was both understanding and willing to work on the areas that needed improvement. Overall, Josef was attentive and effective in helping me meet my goals in driving, would recommend.

Apr 24, 2021

Yuna H.

Josef was a great driving instructor. I learned driving from OED to gain confidence and refresh my driving skills because I didn't drive for 10 years. During lessons, he taught me how to drive safe and smart very gently and patiently. Also he gave me a very encouraging and positive feedbacks as well as necessary and thorough feedbacks for my mistakes. He is a trustful and awesome instructor so I will let my teen kids also learn from him this summer.

Jun 6, 2021

Pari M.

Josef is an amazing instructor! He is extremely patient and polite. His lessons were always well planned out with the time for me to do the practice tests at the end of every lessons. His vehicle was clean and well-maintained. His schedule is not too difficult to get on so you don’t have to wait forever to take the lessons. He was flexible and always tried his best to work with my schedule. I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.

Jul 6, 2021

Sara Taylor

I took lessons despite already having a license. Still, I learned so much more than the test material from my instructor. Now I believe in myself and feel safe in a car again. This school works with you!

Atanu Santra

It was a great learning, which greatly helped me to pass the drive test. Thank you so much!

Nawaz N

The training was really good. Joseph explained me everything with respect to Oregon law. I recommend.

Lifia Teguh

Josef is very calm and gives clear instructions. He encourages students to do better, and I feel more confident on my driving. I passed my DMV driving test on the first tr

Jatin Chanana

Passed my driving test today, Josef is a great instructor and was very patient in teaching me the skills specific to driving test. the practice tests were really helpful in getting me ready for the final test too.

Yuxi Cai

My teacher Josef is the best teacher in Portland. He totally changed my experience of driving. I got my driving license after only 10 hours practice with him. ( I have never driven before). I highly recommend this school!

Suraj Kumar

Josef is an excellent instructor. He was very professional, and his feedback was constructive. I really liked his approach of giving constructive feedback and practicing to correct the mistakes. I would highly recommend him.

Sabrina Akima

Joe is a great instructor. He helped me overcome my fear of driving. I felt very comfortable and safe with him. With no prior driving experience, after just 5 lessons with Joe, I was able to pass my road test for my license on my very first try. I highly recommend Joe as a driving I structure for all ages at any driving level.

Nour Birouti

Josef was flexible, thorough and kind. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a driving teacher.

Stefanie Takemoto

Josef is awesome! He was instrumental in helping my son and daughter to easily pass their drive test. He was patient, calm, clear in his instruction, professional and quick to respond to my questions. I highly recommend him!

Ligia Martinez

I recently had to renew my license and take the new test after many years of driving. I was very nervous to start over but with Joes help I was able to pass my test with no stress at all. This is the best and most professional driving school I have ever used. Thank you for your time and patience.

Michelle N

Best place to learn and pass! Joey is an incredible instructor and is very thoughtful, patient, but also extremely helpful in telling you what you need to work on. 10/10 don't look any further, Oregon Elite Driving School is hands down the best and very professional. Thank you Joey!

Remya Kannan

From scheduling classes, to getting comfortable with learning to drive to conducting practice tests, I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience with Josef! He patiently explained different techniques and skills and kept a positive and calm tone that definitely helps any new driver! I never imagined that a 10 hour class would get me so confident to attempt to take the test - but I did it and passed and it’s all thanks to Josef! I highly recommend this school and Josef to anybody wanting to master the wheel!


Joseph has been very patient with me and I have learnt a lot. He has helped me build up confidence to drive by myself safely. Driving lessons have been fun for me and would definitely recommend to any beginners.

Priscilla Martinez

I just moved to U.S and passing my driving test was always a scary thought for me. Thank you to Josef he made it very easy to understand and I always felt safe. I did all the lessons he recommended and within no time I passed my test without any fear! I am so happy. Thank you Josef for your time and lessons!

Shiina Yasuhara

I took 5 hours of lessons with Josef to practice driving and build my confidence after 6 years of not driving. Josef is a great teacher who is patient and professional. He let me practice driving to my grocery store and to my work which was very helpful. He responded to my request within hours and I had my classes scheduled right away. Highly recommended!

Marzieh Abedin

Josef is an amazing instructor! He so patiently explained every point and made me practice every single skill that l needed to learn to not only pass my test, but also become a competent and confident driver. As an adult driver with a long gap of no driving for the past 10 years, l needed to overcome my driving anxiety and Josef with his guidance and expertise, successfully helped me build my confidence. He believed in me and believed that l could do so in a span of week and his trust made me believe in myself too! And, he was right! I passed my test in the first try. If you are looking for a great driving instructor, l would recommend you taking lessons at Oregon Elite Driving School with Josef.

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